SCLC Administrative Council
SCLC's Administrative Council is the organization's governing body.

SCLC Executive Committee
The SCLC Executive Committee is composed of ten Administrative Council members.

SCLC Audit & Finance Committee
The SCLC Audit & Finance Committee works with the Executive Director and Business Manager on issues related to SCLC finances and investments.

System Advisory Board
The SCLC System Advisory Board is composed of interested citizens who have been appointed by their libraries to represent the users of that library.

Interest Groups

Audiovisual Interest Group
The Audiovisual Interest Group provides an opportunity to exchange information and network on topics related to audiovisual services.

Library Technology Interest Group
Library Technology Interest Group provides library staff an opportunity to discuss IT services within libraries.

Children's Services Interest Group
The SCLC Childrens' Interest Group helps librarians and other staff exchange information related to providing childrens' services.

Circulation Interest Group
The Circulation Interest Group is composed of circulation staff from the member libraries.

Reference & Adult Services Interest Group
SCLC Reference & Adult Services Interest Group provides reference librarians from member libraries an opportunity to network and exchange information.

Young Adult Services Interest Group
The Young Adult Services Interest Group provides networking opportunities for YA librarians in the various SCLC member libraries.