FILL: From Interns to Library Leaders

"The supervision, mentorship and feedback I received during this internship were excellent." - 2010 intern

 FILL is a SCLC program designed to promote public librarianship through paid internships or practica at SCLC member libraries.

Library school students are mentored by professional librarians while completing either a 120 hour internship (UCLA and UNT) or 135 hour practicum (SJSU) during a single school term. Students enrolled in a distance learning program that is accredited by ALA are eligible to participate in FILL, and should contact their internship coordinator.

FILL interns are paid an hourly rate which will total close to $1,000 at the end of the internship.  UCLA and UNT interns will be paid $9.00 per hour for 120 hours, less the deductions for employment taxes.  SJSU interns will be paid $9.00 for 135 hours, less the deductions.

All FILL applicants accepted for an internship must submit appropriate proof of eligiblity to work in the United States, including a government-issued photo ID.

FILL is funded by local participating public libraries.

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